Harmanpreet kour’s unfortunate conduct against Banglades brought disrepute indian cricket.

In recent events, Indian women’s cricket captain Harmanpreet Kaur has faced criticism for her behavior during a match in Bangladesh. A report by ESPNCricinfo highlights an incident where umpire Tanvir Ahmed had declared her caught out at 14 runs. In response, Kaur broke the stumps with her bat and was seen gesturing and using inappropriate language towards the umpires.

A Poor Example Set by the Captain

The incident has raised eyebrows among cricket enthusiasts and experts. Diana Edulji, a former women’s cricket captain, expressed her disappointment in a column in the Indian Express. She stated that in all her years of watching cricket, she had never witnessed such behavior from an Indian captain like Harmanpreet Kaur.

According to Edulji, Kaur’s actions have set a bad example, especially for the younger players who look up to senior members of the team. Sportsmanship and respect for officials are integral parts of a team’s culture, and Kaur’s behavior could adversely affect the team’s dynamics over time.

Unacceptable Conduct towards Umpires

Another aspect that drew criticism was the manner in which Kaur called the umpires to the presentation after the match, inviting them with a reverse number. This gesture forced Bangladesh players to exit the joint photo session prematurely, impacting the spirit of sportsmanship.

Madan Lal, the former captain of the Indian men’s cricket team and a World Cup winner, also voiced his disapproval of Kaur’s conduct. He tweeted, “Harmanpreet’s behavior towards the umpires during the match against Bangladesh was unacceptable. It has brought a bad name to Indian cricket. The BCCI needs to take strict disciplinary action.”

The Need for Disciplinary Action

The cricket fraternity believes that the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) must take a strong stand against such behaviour. Disciplinary actions are necessary not only to uphold the reputation of Indian cricket but also to ensure players understand the value of sportsmanship and respect on and off the field.

Kaur’s actions were not only unbecoming of a captain but also detrimental to the spirit of the game. The BCCI should take steps to instill a sense of responsibility and professionalism in players, emphasizing the importance of respecting umpires and fellow players.


The incident involving Harmanpreet Kaur’s behavior during the match in Bangladesh has raised serious concerns within the cricketing community. The actions of a team captain hold significant weight, and the message conveyed through their conduct can impact the team’s culture and reputation.

While players are bound to be passionate and emotional about the the game, they must channel those feelings positively and exhibit sportsmanship at all times. The BCCI must take necessary measures to address such behaviour, ensuring that players adhere to high standards of discipline and respect.

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