Formula 1 car racing game is very thrilling.

Car  racing event   We also know  formula -1 race by the name of F1.  This is the world’s largest automobile race competition.  The top ten drivers in the race receive points based on their position.  Let’s know in formula 1 race: You must have often seen many people driving at high speed on the roads.  However, driving over the speed limit on public roads is extremely dangerous and illegal.  You might have heard the name of formula- (1)
Formula 1 (F1).  It would have been a car race competition.  In this, the participants run the vehicles at high speed and the fastest driver who completes the race is victorious.

However, the vehicles used in this are different from the common vehicles.We also know race by the name of F1formula .  This is the world’s largest automobile race competition and it is organized by an organization named Federation of International (FIA) Automobile.  FIA was established in the year 1904.  This competition is called Formula One World Championship.  The word “formula” in its name refers to a set of rules.  There is a series of F1 races which are also known as Grands Prix.  It is organized at some selected places.  Especially the former happens on public roads and closed city roads.
it’s all a game of numbers

In this, the results of each race are combined to organize two annual world championships.  One of these championships is for Drivers and one is for Organizers.  The Formula One series originated in European Grand Prix motor racing in the 1920s and 1930s.  Even in Formula One race, the whole game is of numbers only
This is how you get points
In this race, the top ten drivers get points according to their position.  There are also rules for awarding marks.  In this, 25 points are given to the winner, 18 to the second, 15 to the third, 12 to the fourth, 10 to the fifth, 8 to the sixth, 6 to the seventh, 4 to the eighth, 4 to the ninth  2 and 10th get 1 mark Some important rules of the race

In this race, two drivers of each team are in the race, so the sum of their points is added to the points scored by the team.  The winner is selected on the basis of the sum of the points obtained by the players.  An event of Formula One Grand Prix lasts for about a week.  Day one consists of two free practice sessions and the second day begins with one free practice session.  In this, only two cars can be used for a team.  A qualifying race takes place after the last free practice session.

main race.

The main race begins with a warm-up lap.  All the cars then assemble for the main race according to their respective qualifying positions on the starting grid.  Under normal circumstances, the race is won by the driver who first crosses the finish line after completing the specified number of laps.  Drivers can take pit stops throughout the race to change tires and repair any damage.

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